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NingXia ZhongYin Cashmere Co., Ltd.
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Budi design new | comfort coral cashmere home service visible warmth you can grasp


Want to say a warm word,
Do a warm thing
Be a warm person,
Even if, after all, I still can not warm you.
But I hope I can still leave some traces,
For you to resist some cold,
Bring you some comfort,
Exhausted for you some tired,
As long as it can play a role,
I am willing.
Budi design new home service,
Give you the most comfortable feeling and the most relaxed experience.

▲ coral cashmere long sleeve cartoon home service || 279RMB
Smooth, shiny, warm, skin-friendly, soft

Autumn is coming, the cold wind everywhere, everybody who returns late, all hurry the wind and raincoat to rush home, pour a cup of hot water, for a comfortable home service, quietly curled up in the sofa, feeling the whole world Pull down easily. Budi design new coral cashmere long-sleeved cartoon sets of home service, after milling and Mao Mao treatment, both soft and tight, compared to the market average coral velvet fabric more thick, more warm. Can not afford the ball, do not fade, beautiful appearance, without any stimulation of the skin, not allergic.

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